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the annual eurovision liveblog experience

do you guys know how long it’s been since i came up with a dumb AU for my dumb crackship
too damn long, that’s how
so i’m here like, what if eridan was an actual vaguely-competent sailor/slightly pirate
and jade’s a witch who lives near the last port before a dangerous trade route
and nobody knows exactly what her power entails but there are men who swear you can sail your vessel through the eye of a needle if she likes you enough
so it’s something of a tradition to bring her a gift before you embark
lots of people go for money and she likes that well enough; but witching is a full time gig and she doesn’t get out as much as she’d like to
so those in the know bring her things she can learn from - sketches, ship’s logs, maps and so on
and if certain souls seem to be sailing that particular route more often than most, well. she doesn’t necessarily mind.